Preview: Non-Traded Industry Roundup

Monday, May 21st, 2018 and is filed under AI Insight News

Challenges faced by the non-traded industry over the last market cycle have caused investors and advisors to pause.

  • As predicted, capital raise slowed again in 2017 causing continued consolidation and changes in the non-traded space. The traditional “lifecycle” non-traded REIT has become less prevalent, as has the non-traded BDC structure.
  • Sponsors have shifted either to a more institutional “perpetual life” structure in the real estate category or a more flexible closed-end interval fund structure.
  • Institutional money managers have replaced the original non-traded REIT sponsors as industry leaders.
  • All are trends many believe are the keys to helping right the non-traded industry ship.

To view NTR and BDC data in more detail, read the full article by Laura Sexton, AI Insight Senior Director-Project Management, in the June issue of Real Assets Adviser.