Financial Firms

Remain Competitive in a Regulatory-Centric Environment

By offering a unique, sophisticated mix of investment products, you will build stronger relationships with clients while attracting top advisors. Access to consistent, unbiased and regulatory-compliant training and research will help you discover and analyze a range of alternative investments with confidence.

See AI Insight in Action

AI Insight is the industry’s go-to resource for prospectus- and PPM-based training

  • Train your advisors on complex product features, risks and suitability using modules based on the prospectus or PPM and developed by AI Insight’s program analysts.
  • Create customized training based on AI Insight master modules for firm-specific requirements, such as written supervisory procedures.
  • Review all aspects of offering fees and compensation structures to assist with the Program Compensation Report.

Sophisticated alternative investment research and analysis

  • Review detailed, independent and unbiased program summaries on hundreds of alternative investments.
  • Stay current with the financial performance with easy-to-read reports compiling data directly from quarterly and annual filings. Set custom email alerts to keep up-to-date on the changes through an investment’s lifecycle. For more details about Financial Performance Reporting, click here.
  • Create powerful custom reports to compare alternative investments on details such as offering price, distribution rates, compensation, fees, net proceeds and more using our Comparative Reports feature.

Centralized online compliance documentation and tracking

  • Document your training for advisors per FINRA NTMs 03-71, 05-26, 10-22 and 12-03.
  • Download on-demand compliance reports for proactive and unique broker dealer national account support, including consolidated compliance logs, failed question analysis reports and current or past selling agreements.