Alternative Investment Reporting

AI Insight supports advisors in meeting the stringent rules of FINRA notices and SEC guidelines by allowing them to perform detailed analysis on alternative investments.

Program information and up-to-date data is easily downloaded into customizable charts and spreadsheets to help match programs to both client needs and risk tolerance.

AI Insight’s one-of-a-kind, unbiased reports allow you to drill down into key details, such as fees, net proceeds, compensation, performance and much more.

Program Fee & Expense Report


The Program Fee & Expense Report helps you understand fees related to each program.

  • Perform detailed fee and compensation analysis and comparisons for up to 16 fee categories per program.
  • Compare industry mean, median and range values by category, including how each feature ranks against similar programs.
  • Review fee categories organized by three phases: Offering Phase, Operational Phase and Liquidation Phase.
  • Receive ongoing updates directly from supplements, 10Qs, 10Ks and more.

Financial Performance Reporting

Financial Performance Monitoring

Financial Performance Reporting provides unbiased updates on key performance metrics on hundreds of funds, including private placements, non-traded REITs, BDCs and closed-end funds.

  • Receive up to 24 extensive industry reports per year to help broaden your alternative investment review coverage.
  • Review summarized performance information from financial filings—both during and after the offering period.
  • Set custom email alerts delivered straight to your inbox based on performance metrics most important to you.
  • Compare performance using customizable charts and spreadsheets.
  • Export information directly to spreadsheets to add your own data or commentary.

Comparative Reports


Create powerful comparison reports based on 120+ program features, such as offering price, distribution rates and fees with AI Insight’s Comparative Reporting tool.

  • Conduct independent, thorough analysis on alternative investments before you present them to clients.
  • Run side-by-side comparisons based on any criteria available in the AI Insight Program Summary.
  • Identify differences between next generation programs once one offering closes and another is introduced.