Information, tools and alerts on Alternative Investments at your fingertips

A subscription to AI Insight unlocks the door to in-depth information on hundreds of alternative investments, including real estate, private equity, hedge funds, business development corporations, alternative mutual funds and more.

Alternative investment training and research is automatically documented compliance purposes

  • Access tools and resources designed to help you stay compliant when it comes to FINRA, SEC and other regulatory requirements.
  • Document your due diligence efforts with AI Insight’s automatic training, education and research compliance log.
  • Send direct requests to alternative investment managers for program information, saving you time and effort in the investment process.

Access sophisticated alternative investment reports and tools

  • Access a detailed overview of up to 16 fee categories for each program with the Program Fee & Expense Report.
  • Financial Performance Reporting helps you stay up-to-date on performance throughout the product lifecycle of an investment.
  • Create side-by-side performance comparisons with the Comparative Reports feature.
  • Use our Alternative Mutual Fund Research functionality to access independent, unbiased reports addressing the breadth and diversity of alternative mutual funds. Perform detailed fee analysis, run side-by-side fund comparisons and receive ongoing fund updates. Watch a tour

Simplify your alternative investment education and due diligence processes

  • Conduct independent, thorough reviews for the Alternative Investments you wish to present.
  • Navigate quickly and easily to information on program objectives, risks, compensation, fees, distributions and other key features.
  • Access PPM- and prospectus-based training for hundreds of alternative investments.
  • Monitor and conduct ongoing due diligence for the products you recommend – both before and after the sale.