Alternative Investment Managers

Expand Your Business in Today’s Regulatory-Centric Environment

Demonstrate your commitment to providing regulatory-compliant training on offerings while opening the door to new business opportunities. With ongoing, high-level exposure to our network of financial firms you—and your wholesalers—will easily make connections within our online community of alternative investment professionals.

See AI Insight in Action

Deliver product-based training based on offerings’ PPMs or prospectuses

  • Present the features of your offerings in a consistent and transparent manner using AI Insight’s comprehensive Program Summaries and Education Modules.
  • Deliver regulatory-compliant training developed by AI Insight’s program analysts and backed by compliance documentation.
  • Customize product training based on specific data related to the financial firms and advisors who offer your products.

Increase your visibility through AI Insight’s extensive distribution network

  • Get the word out on new offerings through our platform news and alerts, a co-branded email and our subscriber newsletter.
  • Allow financial firms to quickly review your products to determine if a full due diligence is of interest.
  • Leverage our network by participating in our webinar series: 
    • New Offering Webinar: Focusing on the analyst’s perspective, AI Insight will conduct a deep-dive interview with you, focusing on what the due diligence and review committee needs when considering your product offering.
    • Educational Webinar: An educational presentation on a specific industry-related topic, structure, sector or strategy followed by a presentation of your product offering or Q&A session.

Receive prospecting leads directly to your inbox*

  • Export contact information for advisors in your selling group.
  • Receive notices directly to your inbox when advisors review your company summary, program summaries, complete training, update their profile or have their birthday.
  • Leverage our extensive database for direct access to due diligence officers.

*Requires individual financial firm and/or advisor approval.

Compare your offering with others on our platform using robust research tools


Access our Premium Reporting Tools to perform detailed fee and compensation analysis, receive ongoing updates directly from supplements, 10Qs, and 10Ks, and run side-by-side fund comparisons. Plus, get unbiased monitoring of key performance metrics for non-traded REITs, BDCs and closed-end interval funds